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Vargas update

vargas posterIf you were on campus last March, I hope you got to attend the West Coast debut of “Documented,” a film about US immigration by Jose Antonio Vargas, a journalist who is also an undocumented immigrant.

Vargas was awarded the School’s 2014 Hearst Foundation Award that night, and spoke to a large crowd of students, faculty and community members after the screening.

His film was broadcast nationally on CNN in June.

Now, Vargas is continuing his focus on immigration in a new venue: He is partnering with the Los Angeles Times to create a new section of the Times website devoted to race, immigration and multiculturalism. The Vargas/LA Times partnership will be called #EmergingUS.

In a recent article on CNN Money, Vargas described the new venture as “a multimedia platform that, through articles, original videos, shareable data and graphics, will focus on the intersection of race, immigration and identity and the complexities of multiculturalism.” In addition to the website, #EmergingUS will also produce videos and hold events.

Because LA Times logoVargas is not a U.S. Citizen, the LA Times could not legally hire him. So, said Austin Beutner, the publisher and CEO of the Times, the media company decided to develop a business partnership with him instead.


Writing Center

good-writing-is-hard-workIf grammar is not your game, and I’m starting to bug you about writing problems such as sentence fragments and passive voice, you might to consider visiting the SJSU Writing Center. Located in Clark Hall, the Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring, skill-building workshops, and online writing resources. Check them out at:

If, on the other hand, writing is your game — and your writing, editing and communication skills are pretty darn stellar — you might be interested to know that the Writing Center is planning to hire some new tutors. Here’s the link to the center’s jobs page:

Field trip pics

At the Japanese American Internment Memorial in downtown San Jose.
100w students
Students in section 1
100w students, s2
Students in section 2

Thanks for a good semester.

Ethical extra credit

Yes, doing the right thing can earn you extra credit. Just attend the sixth annual Spuler Ethics Symposium on diversity in the media, write a 350- to 500-word news story, news release or reflective essay about it, and post it on your blog … and earn up to 15 points extra credit.

Spuler Ethics SymposiumThe focus of this year’s symposium couldn’t be more timely: Diversity in the media, including how issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious cultures and disabilities are portrayed and conveyed in advertising, journalism and public relations.

The guest panel includes: SJSU graduate Janelle Wang, TV news anchor, NBC Bay Area Channel 11; JMC Lecturer Lloyd La Cuesta, former South Bay bureau chief, KTVU Channel 2; Dona Nichols, JMC “Diversity in Media” lecturer; and Dr. Vernon Andrews, SJSU kinesiology lecturer. The panel is moderated by JMC Prof. Matt Cabot.

The Spuler Ethics Symposium, which is sponsored by the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, will be held 6-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 30, in Engineering Hall 189.

The Spuler Symposium is named for Phil and Dean Spuler, who met at San Jose State in the late 1940s as staff members of the Spartan Daily newspaper. Both the Spulers had successful careers as journalists. The Spuler estate created an endowed fund for media ethics in 2008 to help students who are passionate about journalism achieve their goals.

Job fair

Now that you’ve tuned up your resumes, you might want to head over to the campus Job Fair this Thursday, March 6.

The event, sponsored by the SJSU Career Center, will bring more than 100 employers to campus Thursday afternoon to discuss potential jobs and internships with students.

More than a third of the employers are offering internships … so this could be a great way to kickstart that internship hunt, or to get a lead on that first job after graduation. job fair

Feature story checklist

imagesAs you work on your final feature or trend story, here’s a feature story checklist you can download to make sure you’ve got all the bases covered.

I recommend that you use this checklist to review your draft of your final feature or trend story before you bring it in to class for peer editing, and again before you submit your completed feature or trend story package at the end of the semester.

New study space

The SJSU Student Learning and Research Commons, a new student-only study space in the MLK Library, is now open.

The entrance to the SJSU Student Learning and Research Commons is located on the first floor of the library adjacent to the Children’s Room. Tower Cards are required for entrance into the Commons, which features laptops and iPads available for checkout, wireless internet, and a pay-to-print station.

During the spring term, the new Commons area will be open Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday 1-5 p.m. Staff will be available during open hours to assist students with research.

A Grand Opening and Dedication Ceremony, with complimentary coffee, snacks and hourly prizes, will be held Thursday, Jan. 31, starting at 1 p.m. Provost Ellen Junn and the University Library faculty and staff will be on hand to welcome SJSU students to the new space.

Pulitzer Prize winner speaks at SJSU

The 24-year-old reporter who broke the Jerry Sandusky story at Penn State University, and won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting, will be the special guest of the SJSU School of Journalism and Mass Communications on Monday, Sept. 17.
Sara Ganim, who reports for the Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Penn., will speak to JMC students, faculty and guests from 2:30 to 4 p.m., Sept. 17,  at Morris Dailey Auditorium. All JMC students are strongly encouraged to attend. Local media and the campus community are also invited to attend.
Ganim is flying in over the weekend to visit with students who work in JMC student media over (the Spartan Daily, Update News, Shift, Access, etc.).
MCom 100w extra credit option: Attend Ganin’s presentation at Morris Dailey (or one of her JMC student media sessions) and write a news story or report about it. Hard copy or post on your blog, 250-500 words; due Friday, Sept. 21.

Welcome to 100W

This blog serves as the home page for MCom 100W, sections 2 and 7.

Everything you’ve heard about this class is true.

Yes, you have to write a minimum of 8,000 words. Yes, there’s no let-up in assignments. Yes, it’s a lot of work … but it can also be a lot of fun.

I like to think of 100w as a “sampler” class because we get to do a little bit of everything. The best way to make sure you pass this class is to complete all of the assignments on time. The best way to fail this class is to miss a bunch of classes and assignments. If you fall behind in this class, it’s really hard to catch up … so stay on top of it.

You’ll find links to the course syllabus, class schedule and list of assignments at the top of this web page, as well as in the sidebar to the right.

If you’re new to blogging, be sure to check out the “Starting a Blog” page.

See you in class,
Cynthia Fernald

Welcome to 100W

I’ll be posting the Fall 2011 syllabus and class schedules (for sections 2 & 5) tonight. I’ll also include links to accessible versions of the syllabus and class schedules so you can download them if you like.

FYI, I am also getting started with SJSU’s D2L system this fall, so I’ll be transitioning some class information and materials to D2L as the semester progresses … but I’m not quite ready to give up my class blogs yet. 😉

See you in class!

P.S. Does anyone recognize the dapper guy I ran into in NYC this summer?

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