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Ethical extra credit

Yes, doing the right thing can earn you extra credit. Just attend the sixth annual Spuler Ethics Symposium on diversity in the media, write a 350- to 500-word news story, news release or reflective essay about it, and post it on your blog … and earn up to 15 points extra credit.

Spuler Ethics SymposiumThe focus of this year’s symposium couldn’t be more timely: Diversity in the media, including how issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious cultures and disabilities are portrayed and conveyed in advertising, journalism and public relations.

The guest panel includes: SJSU graduate Janelle Wang, TV news anchor, NBC Bay Area Channel 11; JMC Lecturer Lloyd La Cuesta, former South Bay bureau chief, KTVU Channel 2; Dona Nichols, JMC “Diversity in Media” lecturer; and Dr. Vernon Andrews, SJSU kinesiology lecturer. The panel is moderated by JMC Prof. Matt Cabot.

The Spuler Ethics Symposium, which is sponsored by the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, will be held 6-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 30, in Engineering Hall 189.

The Spuler Symposium is named for Phil and Dean Spuler, who met at San Jose State in the late 1940s as staff members of the Spartan Daily newspaper. Both the Spulers had successful careers as journalists. The Spuler estate created an endowed fund for media ethics in 2008 to help students who are passionate about journalism achieve their goals.


Covey to speak at JMC

Extra credit opportunity: Lou Covey, a 1974 SJSU Journalism graduate and former member of the Spartan Daily, will speak at JMC at 12 noon, Tuesday, March 19 (Room TBA).

Covey will discuss his newspaper and online career, and reflect on working with his JMC mentor, Dr. Dwight Bentel. Covey served as Dr. Bentel’s teaching assistant while attending SJSU.

For up to 15 points extra credit, you can write either: 1) a news story about his presentation or 2) a reflective essay on the media industry trends he discusses and how those trends could impact your planned career path. Your news story or essay should be 250-350 words; it is due by the start of class on Wednesday, March 20. (Yes, tight deadlines are a fact of life in the media fields.)

Read more about Covey and explore his website, Footwasher Media. You might want to get started by watching “Journalism is Dead,” a recent video commentary by Covey:

Feeling entrepreneurial?

Then check out Catalog Spree and SVIC.

Catalog Spree: Joaquin Ruiz, CEO of Catalog Spree, will discuss “how to become an entrepreneur, and have fun doing it” this Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 6 p.m. in Washington Square Hall, Room 207.

Catalog Spree is the leading iPad and HTML5 catalog shopping experience. The company’s mission? Nothing less than “…defining the future of mobile shopping.”

Ruiz’s presentation is part of a fall lecture series put together by JMC graduate students in the new fall class, MCOM 215 – New Media Visionaries. The lecture series is dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship, and how to bring an interactive product to market.

Kim Komenich, assistant professor – new media, who leads the class, notes that Ruiz’s LinkedIn profile says it all: “We’re Hiring!” (web developers and programmers, that is).

Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge: Consider taking part in the 2012 Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge, an event that gives you an opportunity to showcase your innovative business idea … and get valuable feedback from faculty, business professionals, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. The SVIC is open to all students, faculty and staff at SJSU.

The last day to submit your business idea is Friday, Nov. 16. The top business ideas will be showcased in the Barrett Ballroom on Dec. 6 from 11:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

To sign up for the SVIC, please click here. (You can also sign up here to join the SVIC community so you can view and comment on the proposed business ideas.) For additional information or questions please contact Bobbi Makani-Lim with the SJSU College of Business at


Today’s Spartan Daily includes a nice profile by a former student of mine, Alyxandra Goodwin, about an SJSU student who is making his mark as a salsa dancer. Since you’ll be working on your profiles next week, I thought you might want to check it out.

Note that Goodwin interviewed three sources for this profile, and used a full circle ending. Also note her use of some lively and revealing quotes and a good anecdote to keep this story interesting.

Field trip!

MCom 100w students (section 2) at the Japanese-American Internment Memorial in downtown San Jose.

Your questions answered

In preparation for his Nov. 19 appearance at SJSU, KFOX DJ Chris Jackson has answered some of your questions. He may send us some more information later. Have fun incorporating this info into a news release.

Q. How did sex, drugs, rock n’ roll influence your adolescence growing up?
CJ: I started going to rock shows at 12 years old (Aerosmith and AC/DC at the same show!). Once in line at the venue, I realized why my older brother INSISTED on taking me, rather than let my mom take me. Sex, drugs and rock n roll was happening right there in the line out front, not to mention inside. Within a couple years, I went for all of it, so it was a big influence. There was no one to stop me…it was fast and furious and indulgent. Of course…the crash and burn was forthcoming!

Q. Why do you think so many musicians succumb to drug use?
CJ: They like they way it assists composing and the creative process, and the massive boredom on the road traveling lends itself to booze and drugs to pass the time (pro entertainers, athletes, politicians, salespeople..all have this problem..anyone who travels has “down time” to kill).

Q. How did the over-dose of your idol, John Bonham of Led Zepplin, influence your outlook on drugs?
CJ: Alcohol was never a big deal for me, and so I just never could believe how much Bonham drank that fateful night. I knew to be careful, but his death and the death of others kept it on the top of my mind.
Also, here’s a link to Jackson’s page on KFOX’s web site.

P.S. Remember to mark your calendar for Jackson’s appearance at 6 p.m., Nov. 19, in SCI-162.

One hundred percent SJSU

Check out the latest project, 100 Percent SJSU, by Kyle Hansen, the Spartan Daily’s online editor, and friends. It’s a graphic look at diversity and ethnicity at SJSU.

Click on the icons on the campus map to see pie charts showing the ethnic breakdown of students in each college. Note: in case you’re wondering, the School of Journalism and Mass Communications is part of SJSU’s College of Applied Sciences and Arts (CASA), represented by the medical icon.

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