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Music anyone?

Just for fun … you might want to check out this recent blog post on Music Machinery on regional music preferences.

bonoboAccording to this blogger’s calculations, the signature artist for California is Bonobo. Clearly, I am out of the loop because I had no idea who this is. Well, now I know Bonobo is Simon Green, and his music is an interesting combo of electronica and DJ-ing … sometimes with live bands.

However, I had to admit that blogger Paul Lamere’s pick for my home state of New Hampshire seems to be on target, at least in light of my brothers’ music preferences. (My sister would not agree on this band … but, hey, I figure 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.)


Doug gets enterprising

You can read Doug Cardozo’s enterprise article, Jadakiss is Back, on Universal Music’s The New Music Report blog, which is taglined as “an L.A. guide to new music releases and events from Universal Music.”

Now I don’t know bupkiss (consider this a “Word of the Week” from me) about Jadakiss — or about rap, for that matter — but I do know good writing, and I like Doug’s review.

So, way to go Doug! And I encourage the rest of you to get enterprising about getting something published this semester … whether it’s a letter to the editor or a short news article or news feature (150-250 words) for our own JMC Journal blog.

RnR speaker pics

Chris & Dona

Chris & Dona

Check out the pics from last night’s rock ‘n’ roll Q&A with KFOX DJ Chris Jackson on the RockMuse class blog

Thanks again for all your help in publicizing this event!

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