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SF event is hosting a free panel discussion, “Risk/Reward: How Journalists are Redefining Careers Outside Traditional Media,” in San Francisco on March 12.
The program will start at 5:45 p.m., Thursday, March 12, at NerdWallet HQ, 901 Market St., San Francisco. (NerdWallet’s HQ is located right above the Powell Street BART station — take the 5th St. exit from BART.)
The panelists will include journalists who have made bold career choices: leaving newsrooms for tech startups, transitioning into product roles, becoming entrepreneurs, etc. Attendees will have an opportunity to hear from and meet Marisa Wong of SlideShare, Todd Lappin of Facebook, and Stacey Delo, founder of

Also, NerdWallet will give away free professional head shots (on-site) for the first 30 attendees, and supply “lots of great food.”
Getting there via public transit: From SJSU, take the free DASH Shuttle (from Fourth St at Paseo de San Antonio @ 3:27 or 3:47 p.m.) to San Jose Diridon transit center. Take Caltrain (@ 3:44 or 4:05 p.m.) north to Millbrae Station; at Millbrae, switch from Caltrain to BART (leaving Millbrae @ 4:50 or 5:05), get off BART at Powell Station (arriving @ 5:31 or 5:36) in SF.
P.S. If you don’t already have a Clipper Card, remember to allow time to buy Caltrain and BART tickets.

Researching digital media

Can a Facebook post be more memorable than a professional news report? What makes a FB post memorable? The content, the social connections … or a combination of both?

That’s just one of the research studies highlighted in the blog post “What’s new in digital scholarship?” on the Nieman Journalism Lab blog.

Other recent research summarized in this blog post includes studies on:

  • Online news consumption
  • Digital media and U.S. political participation
  • The role of citizen journalists in reporting on the “Arab Spring” protests
  • Communication about inequality and health disparities in the mass media
  • How to produce more user-friendly front pages for online newspapers

The Nieman Journalism Lab, a project of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University, is focused on the future of journalism in the Internet era. The Nieman Foundation is also home to the Nieman Program on Narrative Journalism and the Nieman Watchdog Journalism Project, which encourages reporters and editors to monitor and hold accountable those who exert power in all aspects of public life.

How social is your resume?

social media resumeDid you know that 92 percent of employers reported using social media for recruiting potential new hires last year? That’s up from 89 percent in 2011.

Here’s an interesting news brief and really well-done graphic explaining why you may need a “social resume” — and how to create one.

You might want to pay particular attention to the tips on what employers want to see when they look you up online, and what they don’t want to find. (Hint: profanity and poor grammar and spelling are at the top of the “don’t want to see it” list.)


Copy edit extra credit

I hope you’ve had fun finding your first 10 points worth of Copy Edit the World errors. Here’s another chance to sharpen your editing eyes …and earn a little extra credit.

If you can spot and correct one of these errors, you’ll get 2 points of extra credit. Just post your correction as a comment on this blog post. (One error and correction per person, please, so we can spread the extra credit around.)

I particularly like the first example shown above because it’s a correction that needs correcting — it contains another error. I spotted the one on the right in today’s SF Chronicle. I used to watch The Three Stooges on TV when I was a kid, so it was a fun read … except for that misused word (hint). Both of these have been corrected. Congrats to Brittany M. and Danreb!

I found this error in an email from PoynterOnline, a journalism organization. Oops … setting a bad example! One possible correction posted, but there’s another way this could be read … and corrected. It’s worth two points if you can figure it out.

Yes, I find errors on Facebook too. So can you  … I hope.  😉  This one has been corrected too. A big “way to go” to Yezel, Suzanne, Shirene and Corina.

I figure Robert Redford must have been red-faced when he realized that his Sundance catalog holiday letter to customers contained an embarrassing error. Can you find it? It’s a little tricky, but it’s funny one. Hmm … is anyone going to figure this one out? Or will I have to break down and tell you?

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