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Job fair

Now that you’ve tuned up your resumes, you might want to head over to the campus Job Fair this Thursday, March 6.

The event, sponsored by the SJSU Career Center, will bring more than 100 employers to campus Thursday afternoon to discuss potential jobs and internships with students.

More than a third of the employers are offering internships … so this could be a great way to kickstart that internship hunt, or to get a lead on that first job after graduation. job fair


How social is your resume?

social media resumeDid you know that 92 percent of employers reported using social media for recruiting potential new hires last year? That’s up from 89 percent in 2011.

Here’s an interesting news brief and really well-done graphic explaining why you may need a “social resume” — and how to create one.

You might want to pay particular attention to the tips on what employers want to see when they look you up online, and what they don’t want to find. (Hint: profanity and poor grammar and spelling are at the top of the “don’t want to see it” list.)


I ran across a couple of interesting resume- and career-related blog posts, so I’m passing them  on:

In Final Cut: Words to Strike from Your Resume, which appeared in Forbes online, self-described “word nerd” Elizabeth Lowman writes:

The average resume is chock-full of sorely outdated, essentially meaningless phrases that take up valuable space on the page. Eliminate them, and you’ll come off as a better, more substantial candidate—and your resume won’t smack of that same generic, mind-numbing quality found on everyone else’s.

Some of the words she recommends you avoid using in your resume are: experienced, team player, customer focused, people person, energetic and enthusiastic. To find out why, and what to say instead, check out the article.

Another recent article focuses on the skills and qualities employers say they are seeking in new hires. According to a recent survey by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), three top-rated skills include:

  • the “ability to work in a team structure”
  • the “ability to verbally communicate with persons inside and outside the organization”
  • the “ability to make decisions and solve problems”

Hiring uptick

It looks like your chances of finding a job when you graduate are starting to improve … if the increasing number of recruiters coming to Bay Area campuses is any indication.

Check out “Hiring surge brings recruiters to Bay Area campus job fairs” for details.

I hate to be a downer, but …

I’m sure it’s no news to any of you that the job market for journalism and mass comm. grads is very tough right now.

A recent AEJMC (Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication) survey of the job market, focusing on how 2008 grads have fared, found that “six in 10 of the graduates had full-time employment six to eight months after graduation” The article noted this is “the lowest level of full-time employment reported by graduates of the nation’s journalism and mass communication programs in the 23-year modern history of the Annual Survey of Journalism & Mass Communication Graduates.”

Here are some highlights of the report, titled Job Market Turns Much Worse:

  • “In contrast to the experiences of graduates with a print journalism or a telecommunications preparatory track, those who had studied for entry into advertising and public relations had more success in 2008, and their level of full-time employment was closer to that of their 2007 counterparts.”
  • “As in the past, female students (who disproportionately seek work in advertising and public relations) had more success in the job market than male students.”
  • “…graduates have increasingly reported that the work they were doing involved various uses of the Internet…. Those graduates who found work with a daily newspaper actually were more likely in 2008 than in 2007 to do writing or editing for the web.”

Wish we had better news.

Resume resources

resumeSince you’re working on resumes and cover letters this week, I’ve added some resume-writing links to the Texts/Resources page of this blog. You’ll find them listed under the heading Samples & Examples.

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