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One more chance

If you missed the “final” extra credit (see previous blog post), here’s one last opportunity for you: CASA finals week flier (pdf)

This CASA flier is rife with basic AP style errors, many of which are repeated multiple times. All told, I count at least eight distinct errors (not counting the repetitions).

Download this flier and bring it to today’s class, with errors noted and corrected, and you can earn 1 point extra credit for each AP style error you spot and fix. (Or add your comments using Adobe Acrobat, and email the corrected flier to me by 1:30 p.m. today.)

Happy last day of class!




AP update

Big news: The Associated Press  has changed “Web site” to “website.” Even better, the AP “tweeted” the change.

It’ll be official when the next edition of the AP Stylebook comes out in about a month, but you can get a jump on it and start using “website” now.

Now if they’d just change e-mail to email, I’d be content.

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