MCom 100w

Writing Workshop

Class Schedule

MCom 100w, Section 2 , Spring 2015

  • This class schedule is subject to change. Any changes will be shown in orange. You will be notified in class and by email of any significant changes.
  • Hard copy assignments are due at the start of class (put them in the red folder); blog assignments must be posted before the start of class. Check the Assignments page of this blog for information about each assignment.


Mon., 1/26
Focus: Course introduction, “Telling Details” exercise

Wed., 1/28
Focus: Writing with clarity, start blogging (set up blog, write Blog Post #1 – “About Me”)
Due: Email your blog’s web address to the instructor by the end of today’s class

Mon., 2/2
Focus: AP Style, Copy Edit the World, writing persuasively, resumes & cover letters
Due: Word of the Week #1 (post on blog)

Wed., 2/4
Focus: Your favorite writing, peer editing of resumes
Due: Blog Post #2 – My Favorite Writing; draft of your resume & cover letter (bring 2 copies for peer editing)

Mon., 2/9
Focus: AP Style Quiz #1, news values
Due: Blog Post #3 – A Fly on the Wall, Word of the Week #2

Wed., 2/11
Focus: Writing leads, 5Ws & 1H, exercises: fairy tale leads, leads #1
Due: Blog Post #4 – What makes it news?

Mon., 2/16
Focus: AP Style Quiz #2, writing news stories, exercise: leads #2 (feature leads)
Due: Word of the Week #3

Wed., 2/18
Focus: More on writing news stories, exercises: news story (two crashes – pick one), punctuation, eliminating passive voice
Due: Final draft of Resume & Cover Letter (hard copy)

Mon., 2/23
Focus: AP Quiz #3, writing features & trend stories, sample features; exercise: finding features in the news
Due: First 10 points of Copy Edit the World (blog post or hard copies), Word of the Week #4

Wed., 2/25
Focus:  Library Research Day – meet at King Library, Room 213. Please bring the Library Scavenger Hunt assignment to work on in today’s class; it’s due next Wednesday.
Due: News Story (see the assignments page for details) (now due 3/2)

Mon., 3/2
Focus: AP Quiz #4, features vs. hard news, writing summaries, exercise: finding features in the news, quick review of your scholarly journal article summary #1 in class (remember to bring a scholarly journal article to class).
Due: Library Scavenger Hunt (now due 3/4), News Story – “Apples” (see the assignments page for details), Word of the Week #5

Wed., 3/4
Focus: Writing query letters, exercise: query/pitch letter
Due: Library Scavenger HuntScholarly Journal article summary #1

Mon., 3/9
Focus: AP Quiz #5 (solo), basic story structure and story-telling techniques
Due: Blog #5 – Mystery Character, Word of the Week #6

Wed., 3/11
Focus: Focus story structure, in-class exercise: focus story; grammar exercises: misplaced and dangling modifiers, parallel sentence construction, passive voice
Due: Query letter pitching the topic of your final feature or trend story

Mon., 3/16
Focus: Writing profiles, interview tips, working w/quotes and anecdotes, exercises: working with quotes, fix these quotes
Due: Blog #6 – NPR Radio interview analysis, another 10 points worth of Copy Edit the World, Word of the Week #7

Wed., 3/18
Focus: Interview a classmate for the classmate profile assignment
Due: Scholarly journal article summary #2 (now due 4/8)

SPRING BREAK (March 23-27)

Mon., 3/30
Focus: Instructor meetings re: your final feature or trend story
Due: Blog #7 – Drinking Coffee Elsewhere, Word of the Week #8

Wed., 4/1
Focus: Review for midterm, crediting your sources, cites exercise (“Flirting like guppies”), exercises: “Blooper patrol” and misused words
Due: Classmate profile

Mon., 4/6
Focus: Midterm Exam
Due: Word of the Week #9

Wed., 4/8
Focus: Writing memos, reports & summaries; PR memo exercise (in groups)
Due: Blog #8 – IMHO (now due 4/15), Scholarly journal article summary #2

Mon., 4/13
Focus: Writing news releases, exercises: pick a story, write a short news release
Due: Word of the Week #10 (the last one!), Blog #9 – Japanese-American internment essay (now due 4/22)

Wed., 4/15
Focus: Field trip to Japanese-American Internment Memorial, exercise: similes and metaphors
Due: Blog #8 – IMHO

Mon., 4/20
Focus: Your “Fish Out of Water” stories, structuring longer stories: feature story analysis (feature story to analyze, analyze a feature, feature story checklist)
Due: Blog #9 – Fish Out of Water

Wed., 4/22
Focus: Opinion writing: Write a letter to the editor (post on your blog) or attend the Spuler Integrated Communications Summit (tickets are $10) and write a news release on the keynote presentation — pick either one; it’s due Monday, April 27.   Audiences & advertising (moved to 4/29)
Due: Blog #10 – Japanese-American internment essay, Advertising analysis (moved to 4/29)

Mon., 4/27
Focus: Progress Report check-in, AP style make-up quiz (solo, bring your AP Stylebook)
Due: Spuler news release or Letter to the Editor (blog post or hard copy), Progress Report Memo on your final feature or trend story (see Assignments page, Outside Writing Assignment #9, for details)

Wed., 4/29
Focus: Audiences & advertising, in-class ad retargeting exercise (in groups), Opinion writing (moved to 4/22)
Due: Advertising Analysis assignment (hard copy, attach copy of ad)

Mon., 5/4
Focus: Writing for broadcast, exercise: broadcast writing
Due: Last 10 points of Copy Edit the World (blog post or hard copies)

Wed., 5/6
Focus: Peer editing of your final feature
Due: Draft of your final feature (bring two copies for peer editing)

Mon., 5/11
Focus: More broadcast writing: draft 60-second broadcast version of your final feature, check word counts
Due: Last day to submit extra credit (30 points max for the semester)

Wed., 5/13
Focus: Last day of class – present broadcast version of your final feature

Final Project Due: Friday, May 15, 12:15-2:30 p.m.
Submit your final feature or trend story (1,00-1,250 words), sidebar (250 words) and broadcast script (125 words/60 seconds) by 12 noon. Be sure to include your word-count spreadsheet as proof that you have written at least 8,000 words this semester.


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