MCom 100w

Writing Workshop

Extra credit

As promised, here are some extra credit options for this class. As previously noted, you can submit up to 30 points worth of extra credit.

The last day to submit an extra credit assignment is Monday, May 11.

Your extra credit options are:

  • Copy Edit the World: You are required to submit 30 points worth of Copy Edit the World for this class. Once you’ve done that, you can submit another 15 points worth of Copy Edit the World for extra credit.
  • Common Sayings: Look up the meaning and origins of up to three common sayings or unusual phrases that you’ve heard or read. For example, one we discussed in class was “a long row to hoe,” which turned out not to mean or be spelled the way most of you expected. Each saying is worth five points; you can submit up to three. For a good example of this option, you might want to check out this former student’s “common sayings” submission on her 100w blog.
  • Similes & Metaphors: Collect some similes and metaphors that you find to be particularly striking and effective. They should be gleaned from your daily reading – from books, newspapers, magazines, or websites. For each, note the source and whether it’s a simile or metaphor, then briefly explain why you think it works. That is, explain how it allows the reader to “see, hear, smell and/or feel” what is being described.  Please note: Handing in a list of examples plucked from a “simile/metaphor” website will garner you no credit for this assignment.  (5 points per pair – that is, one simile and one metaphor. You can submit up to three pairs for a maximum of 15 points)
  • Write a Review: Write a review of a current film, play, television series, music performance or video game. If you haven’t written a review before, be sure to read some reviews first; this should be a critical review and analysis, not a plot summary. (350-500 words, 15 points)
  • IMHO: Write a second In My Humble Opinion. (See the assignments page for specifics of this option; 15 points)
  • Letter to the Editor: Write a letter to the editor and get it published in the Spartan Daily or another local newspaper. (100-150 words, 15 points)

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  1. Do we publish this on our blog or hand in a hard copy?

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