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Typo time

On Monday I’ll review AP style and the “Copy Edit the World” assignment. To help you get your “editing chops” up to speed, here are some fun errors I spotted and photographed over winter break.

The way the Copy Edit the World assignment works is that you must identify and correct an error to get credit. In this case, I’m offering two points extra credit to the first person to add a comment to this blog that identifies and corrects an AP style error, typo or other error in any of these pics.

Ypromo typoou’ll probably notice more than one error, but please just pick one to identify and correct in your comment. That will give more of you a chance to experience some of that “extra credit love.” (Also, please first check any published comments to see which errors have already been identified and corrected.)

surfing typo  menu typo


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7 thoughts on “Typo time

  1. Within the first “sale” image there is a typo error where the sign says “exclues” instead of “excludes”!

  2. Typo: “Exclues” –> “Excludes” (in the first picture).

  3. A good start, but there’s more.

  4. 2nd Image: AP style for photo captions requires the name of the city and state where the image was made. The example shown only states the city, San Mateo.

  5. There is definitely a mistake in the third picture, as well. Hi Professor Fernald. Just happened to stumble across this blog!

    • Hi Joshua. Good to hear from you.
      BTW, would you care to be more specific about the error(s) in question? I know I can’t offer you extra credit anymore, but still … it’s always good to stay in practice. And, as I recall, you have a very sharp editing eye.

      • Joshua L. on said:

        The most obvious mistake would be the misspelling of “appetizer” in the final food item listed. 🙂

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