MCom 100w

Writing Workshop

Editing practice

Your first 10 points worth of Copy Edit the World is due Wednesday, so it’s time to get in some practice. Check out the images posted below to see if you can spot the errors.

If you find an error, click on the “comments” link at left and write a comment identifying and correcting the error. Each error is worth 2 points extra credit, and the first person to get it right gets the points.

The two print items have one sneaky error each; the ad contains several errors. (One error per person, please. Give someone else a chance to earn some extra credit too.)

typo exampletypo example 2  errors in ad
Good work so far, but there are still a couple errors left to find. Good luck!


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15 thoughts on “Editing practice

  1. Alterations Done on Premises should be Alterations done on premises

  2. In the ad, it says ‘By Appointment Only’, it should really ‘By appointment only’

    There is a capitalization error.

  3. In the Sonia’s Apparel advertisement the sentence “Alterations Done on Premises”, the D in done and P in premises should be lower case.

  4. 10 – 6 pm in the third picture should say 10 – 6 p.m.

  5. For the second article on the right, there should be a quotation mark after “greatest mysteries”

  6. I think the entire paragraph is wrong. The last sentence is incomplete. It should be “Sometime it takes a special eye and a helpful wardrobe consultant to suggest just the right outfit or accessory; whether you’re dressing for a corporate event, a family celebration, or any occasion.”

    • You’ve diagnosed the problem — an incomplete sentence — but your solution needs to be tweaked. Reconsider your connecting punctuation in light of today’s class.

  7. The National Post is missing its finishing quotation marks. It begins a quote “one of Canada’s…” but never adds the last quotation mark through out the paragraph making it a never ending quote.

  8. In the Bruce Jenkins story, “4-year old” should be 4-year-old. Hyphen also after the word year.
    -Vanessa Gongora

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