MCom 100w

Writing Workshop

Researching digital media

Can a Facebook post be more memorable than a professional news report? What makes a FB post memorable? The content, the social connections … or a combination of both?

That’s just one of the research studies highlighted in the blog post “What’s new in digital scholarship?” on the Nieman Journalism Lab blog.

Other recent research summarized in this blog post includes studies on:

  • Online news consumption
  • Digital media and U.S. political participation
  • The role of citizen journalists in reporting on the “Arab Spring” protests
  • Communication about inequality and health disparities in the mass media
  • How to produce more user-friendly front pages for online newspapers

The Nieman Journalism Lab, a project of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University, is focused on the future of journalism in the Internet era. The Nieman Foundation is also home to the Nieman Program on Narrative Journalism and the Nieman Watchdog Journalism Project, which encourages reporters and editors to monitor and hold accountable those who exert power in all aspects of public life.


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