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One last extra credit

Can you spot the problem in this news story? If so, put it in a comment to this blog post. If you nail it, it’s worth two points extra credit.

Still puzzling over this one? Check out the comments on this post. Margaret, Christian and Alicia got it (and got 2 points extra credit).



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3 thoughts on “One last extra credit

  1. jbcianciarulo on said:

    affects should be effects

  2. Correct way to write it:

    The author forgot to quote.

    “The panoramic sunroof on the Hyundai Veloster can shatter without warning, showering the driver with glass.” The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Friday.

  3. Cynthia on said:

    No, “affects” is correct. And no quotes are needed.
    Click on the image — Margaret spotted the problem, and posted her comment there.

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