MCom 100w

Writing Workshop

Extra credit

Write a 350-word film review on the documentary, Under Arpaio, which will be screened today from 4-6 p.m. in Engineering 189. Following the screening, director J.M. Aragon will answer questions about the documentary and situation in Maricopa County.

Alternatively, you can write a 350-word news story suitable for the Spartan Daily on the screening of this film and Director J.M. Aragon’s Q&A session.

Under Arpaio shows the grassroots resistance to Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who prides himself on being the “toughest sheriff in America.” Arpaio is known for immigration raids on migrant and Latino neighborhoods and for human rights violations in his jails. More information about the documentary can be found on the Justice Studies website.

This extra credit option is worth up to 15 points. (Remember, you can submit  a maximum of 30 points worth of extra credit options this semester , so if you’ve already done that, you can’t do this one too.)

You can submit your film review or news story as a hard copy, or post it on your blog. If you haven’t written a movie review before, make sure you write an actual review, not a simple plot synopsis. Here are some good resources on writing reviews:


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