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Typo trouble

Can you spot the problems in this sign, formerly on display at Philz Coffee Shop? Identify and correct any errors you see in a comment to this blog post to earn 2 points extra credit.

Update: OK, you got ’em … though it took a while for anyone to spot that aberrant spelling of “whoa.” (As a former equestrian, that’s the one I saw first.)


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11 thoughts on “Typo trouble

  1. “Its” should be “It’s”

  2. ITS should be It’s

  3. It should be “it’s almost your turn” with the apostrophe. “Its” is possessive while “it’s” is a contraction.

    Kent Bravo M/W 1:30 p.m.

  4. The “ITS” needs an apostrophe between T and S. It should be “It’s(It is)”, instead of “its” as a possessive.

  5. “Its” is missing an apostrophe between the letters t and s. “Its” indicates possession. “It’s” means “it is”.

  6. “Its” should be changed to “it’s”

  7. “its” should be “it’s”

  8. The typographical error on this sign is the “Its,” it should be “it’s.”

  9. One of the typographical errors on this sign is the “its,” it should be “it’s.” Another error is the that the sentence below it should read, “What are you going to drink — coffee?” Also, “woah,” is usually spelled “whoa,” and is customarily followed with an exclamation point.

  10. Cynthia on said:

    I’m glad somebody finally spotted “whoa!”

  11. jbcianciarulo on said:


    It is almost your turn.

    What are you going to drink?


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