MCom 100w

Writing Workshop

Typo time

Can you ID the typo in this screen shot? Leave your answer as a comment on this blog post. It’s worth 2 points extra credit to someone.

Screen shot


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15 thoughts on “Typo time

  1. Wrong ‘loose’ it’s supposed to be ‘lose’

  2. “Loose” should be spelled “lose.”

  3. loose is supposed to be lose.

  4. The typo here is the word “loose”. The correct term should be “lose”.

  5. stenciljunkie on said:

    the answer is “lose” not ‘loose”

  6. Good job, guys! But I see one more problem here. Anyone want to take a crack at it?

  7. lucashinojosa2 on said:

    “loose” needs to be changed to “lose”

  8. In “Dense Black”, black should not be capitalized.

  9. loose should be lose.

    • Cynthia on said:

      Sorry, Karen. Several other students already spotted that error. They all replied before I reviewed and okayed the first comment, so they got credit … but I don’t give extra credit once a comment correcting an error has been posted.

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