MCom 100w

Writing Workshop

Spot the errors

To kick off the Copy Edit the World assignment, here are some “warm-up” typos. If you spot an error, please leave a comment on this blog post first identifying the error and then correcting it.

One error per person, please. If you are the first to get it right, it’s worth two points extra credit.



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6 thoughts on “Spot the errors

  1. its not “Ad more space” it’s “add more space”! TYPO!!

    Tyler Huffman

  2. For the first image, the error is the word “in’s”, which is a possessive noun. In this case, since the noun is not showing ownership of another noun, the correct word should be “ins”, a plural noun.

  3. First one, there should be no apostrophe in Walk Ins

  4. That was fast! You guys nailed it.
    But I see one more AP style error in the ad …

  5. Percent should be spelled out, according to the AP Stylebook.

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