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Book on reserve

I put my copy of z.z. packer’s Drinking Coffee Elsewhere on reserve at the MLK Library this morning. You can take it out for an hour or two at a time to read a short story and complete the Drinking Coffee Elsewhere blog post assignment. (BTW, the reserve desk is on the main floor of the library — look for the signage.)

Since I know many of you had trouble getting hold of this book, I won’t mark this blog post as late as long as you get it done by the end of this week.


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4 thoughts on “Book on reserve

  1. Alice Cai on said:

    Hi Professor,

    I tried renting the book at the library, yesterday and today afternoon. Although, on the computer it states that the book is available, they cannot find the book. I will try again another time. I’m just letting you know about this issue!

    Alice Cai

    • Cynthia McCune on said:

      Hi Alice,
      Thanks for letting me know. Did you go to the reserve desk on the main floor? I have two 100W classes, so maybe someone else already had it checked out for a couple of hours. I’ll double-check with the reserve desk tomorrow morning.

  2. Alice Cai on said:

    Yes I did go to the reserve desk. Both times they checked for alternatives and everything. One of the librarians told me that it may be lost.

  3. Cynthia McCune on said:

    I didn’t have time to check today. I’ll stop by the library tomorrow afternoon. If they’ve lost my book, I’m gonna be real unhappy.

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