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Menu typos

I was at my local coffee shop getting a cuppa when I spotted these errors. Can you spot them? The first people to identify each error get 2 points extra credit. (One error per person, please.)


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8 thoughts on “Menu typos

  1. Feta cheese is spelled incorrectly.

  2. courtneyjolandermcom100w on said:

    1st picture:
    it’s “feta” not “fetta”
    2nd picture:
    it should be “teas” not “tea’s”
    -Courtney Jolander

  3. Luis Marquez on said:

    The first picture is missing a $ sign before the 10.00 and “fetta” should feta.

  4. Cynthia McCune on said:

    Good job, you guys! That’s worth two points extra credit for each of you.

  5. I spotted another error on the second picture where it says “100 %” it should actually be written out to say “100 percent.”

  6. Cynthia McCune on said:

    I was hoping someone would spot that one. Good catch!

  7. Chris Chandler on said:

    In the second picture, there is nothing whatsoever capitalized. Fairly sure that violates a rule or two.

  8. Cynthia McCune on said:

    Yes, that definitely violates a rule or two … and that’s worth a couple points extra credit for you.

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