MCom 100w

Writing Workshop

Extra credit options

As we discussed in class, you can submit up to 30 points worth of extra credit for 100w. Here are three options, each of which is worth up to 15 points:

  1. Submit extra Copy Edit the World items
  2. Get a letter to the editor published in a Bay area newspaper (such as the San Jose Mercury News, the Metro or the Spartan Daily)
  3. Write a news story on Steve Lopez’s visit with JMC students after a screening of the movie The Soloist on April 28.  (See writing assignment #8 on the Assignments page of this blog for related information.)

Note that these options are worth “up to 15 points.” You get the full 15 points only if they’re well written and free of errors. As with any other assignment, typos and AP style errors (not to mention boring leads and poor organization) will reduce your grade.

Please post any extra credit items on your blog by Monday, May 9, and title them “extra credit.” To get extra credit, they must be posted on your blog by May 9.


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