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Typo time

To get you started on the Copy Edit the World assignment, I like to send a few typos your way.

Here are the rules: the first person to identify and correct the typo (use the “comments” link at the bottom of this post), gets two points extra credit. One typo per person, please.

Here are two gems, both pretty blatant errors.  One, I am sorry to say, appeared on the doors of Dwight Bentel Hall last fall.


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5 thoughts on “Typo time

  1. “Advertising” on the sign on the right is spelled incorrectly as “adversiting.”

  2. Kelsey Lynne Lester-Perry on said:

    Well, I don’t know if Megachurch is even a real word, but Mega”CHRUCH” definitely isn’t.
    Also, “AdverSITING” should be AdverTISING.

  3. dnite1 on said:

    Left: Megachurch is indeed a word, but it was only used in the lead, not the headline. Megachruch needs to be replaced with Megachurch.

    Right: If “adversiting” was a job, we’d have a lot of problems. It should read “Advertising”.

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