MCom 100w

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Copy Edit the World

Can you spot (and correct) the errors in this photo?

How about this one?


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5 thoughts on “Copy Edit the World

  1. Joey Akeley on said:

    Tangerines does not need an apostrophe.

  2. Joey Akeley on said:

    Spell out percent on the other one.

  3. Matthew Hale on said:

    The cadaver one

    It is affected, not effected.

    Affect is the verb, effect is the noun

  4. Matthew Hale on said:

    Also, the ampersand does not fly in papers, so I do not think it should be acceptable here. But maybe not :/

  5. Cynthia McCune on said:

    RE: “Sorry! I should condense my comments. There is a misplaced spacing in “$3-lb or4 -lb for $10.” It should read or 4-lbs ….”

    You’re right, Matthew, there are some real problems with the signage in this photo … and you’ve just scratched the surface. Why don’t you check the AP Stylebook to see how numbers and abbreviations, etc., should be used, then resubmit your correction as another comment.

    BTW, I’ve recorded 4 points extra credit (2 points each) for the two prior corrections you made on this blog post.

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