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Working ahead

I’ve been asked whether it’s OK to start working ahead — to set up your blog and get a jump on completing some blog posts. I’m going to give a qualified “yes” to that.

If you’d like to set up your blog, go ahead. Just remember that blogs are public, and give some thought to how completely you want to identify yourself. You might want to use only your first name, for example (this goes for your blog’s title, as well as for your initial “All About Me” blog post”).

One blog set-up tip: Your blog’s title/header and web address do not have to be the same. You can always go back and change your blog’s title, but you can’t go back and change the web address.

In regard to working ahead on your blog posts, here are my “qualifiers”: If you’d like to do your “Word of the Week” blog posts in batches and get them done early, go ahead. If you’d like to get the first two blog posts (“All About Me” and “My Favorite Writing”) done now, feel free. You can probably do Blog #3 ahead of time too, if you’d like.

However, I suggest you hold off on the later blog posts. For example, for Blog #4 – “What Makes It News,” it would probably be helpful to hear my short lecture on news values before you complete this blog post. The same holds true for most of the later blog posts.

Hope this helps.


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