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Resume resources

resumeSince you’re working on resumes and cover letters this week, I’ve added some resume-writing links to the Texts/Resources page of this blog. You’ll find them listed under the heading Samples & Examples.


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12 thoughts on “Resume resources

  1. this is very useful. Thanks for taking the time.
    Bill Morgan
    The Job Swami

  2. Michelle B on said:

    This is very helpful for me. I looked at many different sites but none helped mor then this. It is just what I was looking for.

  3. Nice and very informative blog. I always be in search for these blogs. One can also take benefit from

  4. this is so be nice!!!

  5. Very helpful links. Another one I found is

  6. That looks like a good resume-writing resource, Lisa. Thanks.

  7. kaara on said:

    thanks alot..

  8. Min seung on said:

    What do you write in Objective?

    • I’d write something short and to the point for the objective, such as “An entry-level position in entertainment public relations where I can use my social media skills.”

  9. Min seung on said:

    Thank You so much for your response!

  10. This is a exellent resource. Ill visit again.

  11. When I stumble upon a good blog post I go ahead and do a few things:1.Show it to all the relevant it in all my common bookmarking websites.3.Be sure to return to the site where I read the article.After reading this article I’m really thinking of doing all 3.

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