MCom 100w

Writing Workshop

Welcome to 100W

Clearly, I have been remiss. We are now a week into the spring semester, and I have yet to post a “Welcome to 100w” blog post. So … welcome!

If you are taking MCom 100W with me or Dona Nichols this semester, consider this blog site your home base. On this site, you’ll find the class schedule, links to assignments and other resources that will help you pass this class.

Because of popular demand (as the saying goes), JMC is in the process of adding another section of MCom 100W. It’s listed as an online section (section 81) because no single time period would accommodate enough of the students who are waiting to add it. However, in reality it will be more of a blended/online class, with most assignments submitted via blog. We are also highly recommending that you attend one of our existing class sections.

Dona Nichols and I will share the teaching and grading load for this new section of 100w, section 81. I’ll handle the class through the end of March; she’ll take over after spring break. We team-taught two sections of 100w last semester, so we think it’ll work.

We will give first dibs on adding this new section to those students who are already on a 100w wait list — for one of Dona’s sections, for my section or for Tom Ulrich’s section. If there’s any room left, we’ll entertain other requests.

Since I’m taking the first half of the class, please contact me if you want to add the class. (You can find my email on the instructor’s page of this blog.)


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