MCom 100w

Writing Workshop

More typos

Here’s another opportunity to find the typos for extra credit. There’s one typo in each of these items. The first person to identify the error and correct it in a comment to this blog post gets 3 points extra credit. Please, one error per person.


Find the typo!

Find the typo!


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4 thoughts on “More typos

  1. Juan Luna on said:

    “Affect” is wrong, it should be “effect on the world”.

    -Juan Luna

  2. Cynthia McCune on said:

    Good job, Juan! That’s worth an extra 3 points for you.

  3. for the second one Capitula should be Capitola, CA

  4. Cynthia McCune on said:

    You got it! I’ve added 3 points extra credit to your grade.

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