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Your questions answered

In preparation for his Nov. 19 appearance at SJSU, KFOX DJ Chris Jackson has answered some of your questions. He may send us some more information later. Have fun incorporating this info into a news release.

Q. How did sex, drugs, rock n’ roll influence your adolescence growing up?
CJ: I started going to rock shows at 12 years old (Aerosmith and AC/DC at the same show!). Once in line at the venue, I realized why my older brother INSISTED on taking me, rather than let my mom take me. Sex, drugs and rock n roll was happening right there in the line out front, not to mention inside. Within a couple years, I went for all of it, so it was a big influence. There was no one to stop me…it was fast and furious and indulgent. Of course…the crash and burn was forthcoming!

Q. Why do you think so many musicians succumb to drug use?
CJ: They like they way it assists composing and the creative process, and the massive boredom on the road traveling lends itself to booze and drugs to pass the time (pro entertainers, athletes, politicians, salespeople..all have this problem..anyone who travels has “down time” to kill).

Q. How did the over-dose of your idol, John Bonham of Led Zepplin, influence your outlook on drugs?
CJ: Alcohol was never a big deal for me, and so I just never could believe how much Bonham drank that fateful night. I knew to be careful, but his death and the death of others kept it on the top of my mind.
Also, here’s a link to Jackson’s page on KFOX’s web site.

P.S. Remember to mark your calendar for Jackson’s appearance at 6 p.m., Nov. 19, in SCI-162.


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