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More band pics

Sorry it’s taken a while to get these images posted, but we do have some more evidence that Fly By Night Company did indeed appear with The Doors. These images are from Dan Lu, who wrote:

A man who has a great collection of newspapers scanned these for me. (They show) the DOORS in action, along with some lines/mention of FBNC.

The news brief at left, on the scheduled Doors performance in Swing Auditorium, also mentions Fly By Night Company as one of the other scheduled bands. I also like this clip because it provides context: You can see that The Sound of Music was playing at a local movie theater, and that Peter Pan was opening at a local playhouse (with reserved seating tickets for $2!).

Note that the last image includes the name and date of the publication where the Doors’ photo appeared: The Kmentertainer, a “free mini-magazine” which appears to be sponsored by KMEN radio and distributed in San Bernardino and Riverside, Calif.


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One thought on “More band pics

  1. Dan Lu on said:

    Picture #1 on the left is actually not the band but the mini-magazine that the pictures appear in. I have also emailed you Professor McCune more FBNC articles and pictures from the National Orange Show, etc. Please update, thanks!

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