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More fun with typos

Yes, it’s time once again for fun with typos.

If you spot the error, click on the “comments” link at the bottom of this blog post and write a comment identifying and correcting the error. It’s worth 2 points extra credit — the first person to get it right gets the points. (If you identified one of the errors shown in the previous blog posts, please do not answer this one. Give someone else a chance.)

find the typo exercise

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3 thoughts on “More fun with typos

  1. Enmanuel De Jesus on said:

    Instead of it’s author, it should be its author!

  2. Brett Gifford on said:

    The titles of the comic strip needs to be in quotes in the headline. “Better” and “worse” need to be capitalized, they way they appear in the title of the comic strip. “For” is omitted from the headline. The headline should read as follows: “For Better or for Worse,” old comic strip will continue.

  3. You got it! Good job.

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