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Proofing challenge – extra credit

It’s a new semester, so it must be time for a new proofreading challenge.

Here’s how it works: I post a couple of photos containing typos, grammatical errors and/or AP style errors. You try to find the errors. If you find an error, click the “comments” link at the bottom of this blog post. Then write a comment identifying and correcting an error.

These two examples have a total of three errors. One error per person, please. First come, first served. If you get it right, it’s worth 2 points extra credit.

By the way, this is great practice for the upcoming “Copy Edit the World” exercise.

Can you find the error in this poster?

Can you find the error in this poster?

Hmm, something's amiss here too.

Hmm, something's wrong here too.


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9 thoughts on “Proofing challenge – extra credit

  1. briana on said:

    hmm…doesn’t hurt to guess, but in the first picture, is the word 45 supposed to be spelled out?

  2. cmccune on said:

    No, it doesn’t hurt to guess, but that’s not it. And please check your AP Stylebook entry for numbers.

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  4. Claudia Ocano on said:

    In the second picture, thats should be that’s.

  5. Kristyne on said:

    In the first picture, “symtoms” is spelled incorrectly. The correct way to spell it is symptoms.

  6. Raquel Rivas on said:

    In the second picture the words “thats” and “whats” are both missing apostrophes.

  7. Well “symtoms” is spelled wrong. It’s suppose to “symptoms”.

  8. Shirlene Kwan on said:

    In the second picture, the person left out the apostrophe for both “thats” and “whats”.

  9. cmccune on said:

    Good job. You nailed those errors! In fact, your comments came in faster than I could process them. So I’m going to give you all 2 points extra credit for spotting and correcting one of these errors.

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