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Spot that error!

Here’s one more item with an error. If you spot it, click the “comments” link at the bottom of this blog post and write a comment identifying and correcting the error.

This is first come, first served. If you get it right, it’s worth 2 points 4 points extra credit. (If you identified one of the errors shown in the previous blog post, please do not answer this one. Give someone else a chance.)


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7 thoughts on “Spot that error!

  1. Enmanuel De Jesus on said:

    Second Article. Says “…Tim Leiweke of AEC, which owns the team.”
    It should say “…Tim Leiweke of AEC, who owns the team.”

  2. Quynh Mai Nguyen on said:

    “The sweeping ban on anabolic steroids was approved Thursday by the state’s equine drug research council and the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission is expected to approve it later this month.”

    The Equine Drug Research Council should be capitalized because it is the name of the council just like Kentucky Horse Racing Commission is the name of the commission.

  3. Quynh Mai Nguyen on said:

    In my comment above, I didn’t mean to bold “state’s.” It was an accident.

  4. Brittany C. on said:

    Is it that they didn’t use the right reigns? Isn’t it supposed to be “reins”?

  5. cmccune on said:

    Brittany, you nailed it! You can pull in the “reins” (those long skinny straps that attach to a bridle and that riders use to guide a horse), but not the “reigns.” That’s worth 4 points extra credit!

    I also agree with Quynh Mai that the “Equine Drug Research Council” should probably be capitalized. It appears to be the proper name of an organization. That’s worth 2 points extra credit.

    Enmanuel’s suggestion is also a good one, although I suspect the reporter used “which” instead of “who” to refer to “EAC” owning the team, not CEO Tim Leiweke. But this was still a good question to raise, so it’s also worth 2 points extra credit.

    In fact, the essence of being a good proofreader or copy editor is spotting things that might be errors, checking them out, and then fixing them as needed.

    Good job, everyone!

  6. Dan Lu on said:

    Darn it, I figured out the error too and I knew it was reign was misspelled. It’s suppose to be reins which are used to direct the horses.

  7. cmccune on said:

    Yes, isn’t that an embarrassing error for a headline!

    Next time you’ll just have to be a little faster!

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