MCom 100w

Writing Workshop

Extra credit!

As we discussed in class this week, you can earn extra credit by participating in the one of the RTVJ Reunion events and writing about it on your blog. This extra credit blog post is worth up to 15 points. It should be 200-250 words. It can be written in a more journal-writing (that is, personal first-person) style, but all AP style and grammar rules apply.

I hope some of you were able to attend the RTNDA Club meeting with JMC broadcast alums last evening. That was one good option. Some of you may also have been in classes yesterday with JMC broadcast alums as guest speakers — that could also work for this extra credit post.

If not, there’s still time! You can attend this afternoon’s student meet-and-greet session with ABC News Anchor Sam Donaldson. It’s at 3:30 p.m. in Engineering 189. Just do your homework first — prepare as if you were doing an interview with him.

Alternatively, if you are unable to get to campus for any RTVJ events, you can write a blog post on a current media-related news item or trend, preferably related to your field.


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