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Field trip


Field trip

Today, after practicing a little wordplay in class, we’ll head over to the Japanese-American Internment Memorial, which is located just a few blocks from campus at the Second Street entrance to the Robert F. Peckham Federal Building.

What’s due

If you didn’t finish your scholarly journal article summary in Monday’s class, please submit it Wednesday, along with the Library Scavenger Hunt assignment. Be sure to attach a copy of the first page of your scholarly journal article to your summary.

Submit both assignments as hard copies — do not post them on your blogs.


Yes, it’s jury duty

Yes, I do have to report for possible jury duty Wednesday morning, Sept. 24, so our class is canceled.

I’ll keep you posted, but I’m assuming I will be back for class on Monday … when your news story assignment is due.

You were supposed to submit your first 10 points of Copy Edit the World tomorrow. If you were planning to publish them on your blog, please go ahead and do that by the end of the week. If you were planning to hand them in as hard copies, just bring them to class on Monday.

Greetings from jury duty. Wish you were here

News story assignment

You’ve had some practice writing leads and a short news story in class. Now it’s time to write a news story that will be fully graded.

I’ve posted a link to the fact sheet for the News Story assignment, which is due next Monday, Sept. 29, on both the class schedule and on the assignments page. Please check the assignments page to review the requirements for this assignment. (Note: It’s the third item listed under the Outside Writing Assignments heading.)

This is a shortish new story. Make it around 200 words, which is about a page double-spaced.

Do not post this assignment on your blog. Print it out and submit it in class Monday as a hard copy.

Editing practice

Your first 10 points worth of Copy Edit the World is due Wednesday, so it’s time to get in some practice. Check out the images posted below to see if you can spot the errors.

If you find an error, click on the “comments” link at left and write a comment identifying and correcting the error. Each error is worth 2 points extra credit, and the first person to get it right gets the points.

The two print items have one sneaky error each; the ad contains several errors. (One error per person, please. Give someone else a chance to earn some extra credit too.)

typo exampletypo example 2  errors in ad
Good work so far, but there are still a couple errors left to find. Good luck!

DBH reopens

I’ll see you in DBH 224 for Wednesday’s class. Dwight Bentel Hall has been cleared for occupancy, so we’ll be back on our home turf this week.

Dwight Bentel HallHere are excerpts from an email about DBH’s reopening from Andy Feinstein, Provost and VP of Academic Affairs at SJSU:

I am pleased to report that Dwight Bentel Hall (DBH) will reopen on Tuesday Sept. 2. Classes scheduled for DBH will resume there on Tuesday….

Repair crews have completed virtually all repairs related to water damage that resulted from a steam valve leak. (A few remedial steps remain, but they should not materially affect building occupants.)

Independent air quality tests on Wednesday determined that being inside DBH poses “… no greater risk of exposure to fungal spores than the general public walking on campus in the outdoor air.”

I am grateful to FD&O staff and the work crews that worked diligently to address this situation, and to the affected faculty, staff and students for their patience.

Finding our way

It’s clear that you all have pretty good skills of deduction, since you found ENG 301 for today’s class, despite the error in my previous blog post. Like you, I was left wondering if the Engineering Building had a basement. Fortunately, I ran into a 100W student who’d already figured out it probably should be Room 301, not Room 30 … or I might still be wandering the halls.

Thank you for your patience as we work around the temporary closure of Dwight Bentel Hall. As I receive new information about the building and such, I will keep you posted via this blog and emails.

New classroom

They’ve found a classroom we can use until Dwight Bentel Hall is cleared for occupancy. It’s Room 30 (oops, that’s Room 301) in the Engineering Building.

I’ll see you there on Wednesday.

This just in

Welcome to the class blog for MCOM 100w, section 1. It looks like we’re going to have a rocky start.

The big news is that we will not be meeting in DBH 224 tomorrow due to recent water damage in the building. Instead, you will be directed to go to the new Student Union Ballrooms A and B to look for me at a table with our classroom number on it (e.g., DBH 224). We will probably reconvene outside somewhere nearby for the day, and then see where they decide put us for Wednesday’s class.

In the meantime, you can find information about this class — including the syllabus, class schedule and assignments — on this blog. You can download a pdf copy of the course syllabus from the syllabus page of this blog. Or click below:

>> Download_fall ’14 syllabus (pdf) <<

Please check this blog regularly, as the class schedule, assignments and due dates can change. If they do, those changes will be noted on the class schedule in orange so they’ll be easy to spot.

Throughout the semester, I expect you to write like an entry-level media professional — that is, I expect your writing to be accurate, clear and concise. If you have any unresolved writing issues, this is the semester to work them out. Don’t make me resort to “vandalism.”


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